Possible Stoneage Bigfoot Footprint, Revisited

On August 9 I reported that a Canadian news service ran a story titled, Is Bigfoot’s footprint preserved in stone?.

My original blog article: A Stoneage Bigfoot Footprint?

Yesterday this article received a comment with a link to photographs of the object, for your consideration: Unknown Print Found In Northern BC Canada – Photo Gallery & Press Releases.

My take on this is that the footprint could come from an ancient human, or from a bear. There’s no way to discern that it could be from a Bigfoot. Perhaps the fact that it has only four toes suggests that it could be Bigfoot, as there are reports of large creatures leaving less than five toes in their prints. Also there were many animals existing back at the time of the formation of this stone that no longer are with us… dinosaurs, sabre tooth tigers, etc. …and quite possibly many species we are not aware of.

I consider the footprint rock to be an object of interest, and am glad to see the owner has created a website showing this object clearly. However, proof of what it is could be a long time coming.

The last possibility is that this print isn’t a print at all, but some other type of anomaly. Please have a look at it and tell me what you think: Unknown Print Found In Northern BC Canada. Note that the author of the website didn’t go so far as to declare it a possible Bigfoot print, as did the author of the original CanWest News Service article.

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