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Continuing my tour of Bigfoot sites around the internet, I found Stocking Hominid Research, Inc. – a non-profit organization for scientific study of Sasquatch. The site says, “We use critical thinking and forensic procedure in our investigative process.”

The About Us page gives biographical information for Diane Stocking, Donna Stocking Cohrs, and a few other team members. Most of the work they’ve done has been in Florida but they’re willing to consider doing a follow up on sightings anywhere in North America. If I ever again need to refer someone to a field investigator in Florida, I’ll know who to call on!

Stocking Hominid Research Inc.There are some outstanding research papers on this site. I couldn’t read them all, but what I looked at impressed me. Check out The Credibility of Sasquatch Witnesses by Barbara Wasson (PDF file) or The Sociological Impact of Bigfoot Reports by Ron Schaffner. I can see I’ll have to return to this article archive when I’ve got more time.

An especially valuable page on the site has sound files of Bigfoot howls, as well as a fascinating 911 call recording. For comparison there are links to sounds made by other woodland animals, including the elk. On a separate page you’ll find some great photographs of animal tracks.

The page on hoaxes and misidentifications fascinated me. They rejected the Florida Skunk Ape photographs and even the Skookum Cast! Will they add a section on the Bigfoot massacre theory? Time will tell…

Don’t miss the page of their own photos so you’ll know what kind of evidence they find acceptable. There’s also a few sightings listed on the site.

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