Bigfoot Mind Probe Experience Redux

This is an extension of an earlier Bigfoot mind probe posting originally published in 2007.

My own Bigfoot mind probes since that time have changed my thinking on the topic.

I am a believer in psychic phenomena as I’ve experienced this many times, however the Bigfoot mind probe as explained by the blogger at seems unlikely. I’m still somewhat on the fence, however, because I don’t believe I’m the one to judge the mental experiences of others.

Under certain circumstances what he wrote is possible. I’m just saying, to my perhaps limited way of thinking, it is unlikely. First you’d have to encounter a Bigfoot who had an interest in probing the mind of a human. Then you’d have to have a human walking the Akashic Records through a Bigfoot’s total-species memory banks. How likely is that? I’m not saying it couldn’t happen.

My original post:

A blogger reported that in 1983 he was camping when a female Sasquatch held him captive and probed his mind. Then he probed hers. I don’t know if this is a fact or if it is great fiction, but I’d like to know more.

My most recent methods for seeking Bigfoot involve following instincts and vibes, and using psychic contact, so call me a believer; I think this could have happened.

The posting I’m referring to can be found here: Tragic

Bigfoot Mind ProbeAfter several years of experimentation with psychic contact with Bigfoot I’m going to say I think the mind probe story is unlikely. I realize that there are many levels of psychic awareness but the likelihood of a Bigfoot and human meeting and being capable of probing each others’ minds is slim. Perhaps if the human was tripping on a psycho-awareness drug at the moment it would have been more likely. If this was the case, would the drugged condition of the human attract the Bigfoot to him?

The extent to which the blogger claims to be aware of Sasquatch thinking processes and information makes the story he wrote even more unlikely. He wrote that he “found 14 new sciences, and their 1400 untapped technologies, in their unconscious collective”. That sounds like a lot of tripping through Akashic Records and a prolonged OOBE… how else would he have received all that extensive information?

I’ve had some psychic experiences that involve Sasquatches and they don’t strike me as scientifically knowledgeable or friendly. In psychic realms, just as in the physical realm, most of them just want to be left alone.

I had only one psychic experience wherein the Bigfoot wanted to know more about me. In that case, he asked me questions – he did not probe my mind. In every other experience the reaction I got was something like, “What are you doing here? I don’t want to talk to you.” So, needless to say, I didn’t continue the conversation. It isn’t my intention to go where I’m not welcome.

That said, it is a great way to learn where their habitats are. If I wanted to be intrusive I’d know where to go. If I were to go on a forest expedition I’d know in advance whether the location was worth visiting, in terms of Sasquatch population statistics.

So back to the question – can a Bigfoot probe the mind of a human being? I believe that’s possible with enough mental focus and concentration. Since Sasquatches are not distracted by television sets and iPhones they probably have developed better mental capacities than the average human being.

One more consideration is the imagination of the blogger at He’s an artist and cartoonist. Fascinating blog. Immensely creative, with innovative ideas making him a world-class cartoonist. Quite an amazing sense of humor!

Last October I visited Michael Rugg at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, CA. I mentioned my email correspondence with Don Campbell, who died too young a few years back. I wanted to talk to him about Don because Don went to visit Michael at the museum before his untimely death following a swine flu shot. Long story… anyhow… Michael mentioned Don’s amazing imagination. He was another immensely intelligent and creative person capable of weaving a story – and many have been the times I’ve wished I had the courage to phone Don’s sister to ask what happened to Don’s handwritten novels. I still might, one of these days. I would like for them to be published. What’s the possibility of that?

So are creative and imaginative people less likely to be believed? This is one of those aspects of Bigfoot research that brings out the cautious skeptic in many of us. I don’t find any flaws in Don’s Bigfoot stories, or in the mind probe blogger’s “tragic” posting. Much of what he said was true. The idea that the US government scientists are polluting the Bigfoot species’ collective unconscious with their experimentation – well, that’s another possibility. I’d like to know your opinions on all of this!

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  1. Hi Linda,
    I have replied many times on this website and have even once invited you to a Bigfoot conference. But this time I would like to take my name out of this discusion. I have several close friends who believe the Bigfoot mind talk to them. Me personally don’t believe in it and my friends know this and respect it. They believe someday I might experience it but until that day I will stick to my guns and say it’s false.

    1. Me, have you never had a psychic experience of any kind? My psychic experiences are numerous and have proven true quite often. For example, one time I was looking for someone and found his place of employment via psychic means. I know if I’m psychic it is likely that a Bigfoot is too. Like I said, they’re less distracted by iPhones and computers!

      In general, if you totally doubt all psychic phenomena, you’re closing yourself off to a big part of what’s real in life, in my opinion. Have you tried meditation? I have a friend who teaches Vipassana Meditation in a YouTube video. Very effective for getting past your mind and into your true self!

  2. An interesting hypothesis! If the Bigfoot (if it exists in physical reality) is capable of mind-probing a human, the question “why?” must also be asked.

    Given the beast’s renowned preference for solitude and skulking aversion to humans, what would be the benefit to Bigfoot of such a mind-probe? Curiosity? Knowing his/her enemy better? An attempt to exercise some sort of control over the human?

    Likewise, if the Federals are attempting to pollute the collective unconscious of Bigfoot, one must wonder “why?”. Qui Bono?

    The Bigfoot stories are delightful in that they demonstrate J. Frank Dobie’s dictum: “Never allow the facts to get in the way of a good story”. This new (to me) twist on them is an extremely important turn in North American Sociology because it illustrates an entirely new chapter in stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves.

    I’m just sayin’ …

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