Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society

Last week I received email from a person in Pennsylvania who found large muddy footprints across from his house in Sewickley Heights, Pennsylvania, a heavily wooded area not far from Pittsburgh in Allegheny County. The twenty bipedal prints – mud on asphalt – measured 18 to 20 inches in length, 8 inches in width, with a heel-to-heel stride of 78 inches. When I met Sharon Lee at a Bigfooters’ dinner party in Willow Creek, California, on August 16, I asked if she knew any Pennsylvania Bigfoot researchers. She recommended Eric Altman of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. Sharon Lee lives in Ohio and has done some recent squatching with Eric.
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The Bigfoot Field Reporter

Recently Sharonlee and I met up at Cinnabar Sam’s restaurant in Willow Creek for a dinner party that included the Believe It Tour team, Craig Woolheater, and Steve Streufert. Here are some words that I’d use to describe Sharonlee: dynamic, personable, pleasant, cheerful, and vibrant. She’s got a happy, energized personality. For this reason she’s bound to succeed at her new career as host of two Bigfoot radio shows accessible through the internet.
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The Bigfoot Museum – Willow Creek, CA

I know many of us aren’t lucky enough to live close to the Willow Creek or Felton Bigfoot Museums, but there’s a wonderful Bigfoot Museum online. This is a virtual Bigfoot information project created by Michael Esordi of Connecticut. I noticed he didn’t list himself along with a group of well-known Bigfoot researchers on the museum site, but you can see his bio on the Believe It Tour site.
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