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I just finished reading Steven Streufert’s Bigfoot Books Blog from the first post in December 2008, to the most recent in August which featured Friends of Sasquatch (of which I’m a member.) Thanks, Steven!

I was deeply impressed by the quality of Steven’s writing. For example, from his first blog posting I pulled this line: “Most consider it a popular delusion, the product of wild speculation and equally feral expectations.” Also: “Is this all just an hallucinatory Jungian mass projection of the collective unconscious, a desire for a wild and mysterious revivification? And if so, what is this archetype? Can a myth leave footprints?” Source. With word skill like that I have the impression that this man will be writing a lot more in the months and years to come.

For many of his postings, the content was palpable, and the depth of information worthy of note. Here are a few Bigfoot Books Blog articles I especially liked and want to point out to readers:

Bigfoot Books Blog1. Black Helicopter on Bluff Creek Bigfoot Film Site! Giant Salamander Found! Huge Rockslide Blocks Road to Louse Camp! And More News… – in which Steven recounts an expedition to Bluff Creek during which he was surprised by a black helicopter. Great information!

2. Quotes of the Day: RENE DAHINDEN. Plus a Plug for SASQUATCH ODYSSEY Documentary – get to know Rene Dahinden better and put Sasquatch Odyssey in your Netflix queue – that’s what I did!

3. NEWS: Bigfoot Books on Cryptomundo! Save Bluff Creek Company Store! A Meeting with Jerry Hein & Vocalizations, Sasquatch Hair Samples & Footprints – Steven Streufert has taken up the cause of finding someone of means to purchase the property at Bluff Creek that includes the old Bluff Creek Company Store that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin shopped in before heading north for their encounter with Bigfoot. Also I found the section about Jerry Hein’s expedition to be fascinating.

4. Bigfoot and Beer, Lost Coast Ganesh I.P.A. Controversy Surrounds Flatmo Image; Church of Bigfoot, Scientist up in Arms! – a virtual collection of Bigfoot beers! This article made me want to buy a case of Indica beer, especially after hearing the brewery has been sued over their beer’s artwork depicting a legendary East-Indian creature.

steven-streufert-bigfoot-books-willow-creekThis photo shows Steven Streufert working at Bigfoot Books in Willow Creek, California, just down the road from Bluff Creek. Next time you’re in the area stop by and meet him, and prepare to buy books because you will seriously want to! He has a large collection of new and used books about Bigfoot for sale, as well as almost every other type of book imaginable.

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  1. I was watching a movie on bigfoot and I thought of searching the web to see what new evidence was there. Might sound odd, but when I was in the 6th grade thru 2nd year of high school I lived with my mom in Mt. Shasta CA. (Siskiyou County). I never really said to anyone, but I feel I saw Bigfoot. My friend was with me and of course it was so long ago I dont even remember my friends name. We say what we felt was a Bigfoot in two places two diffrent times and dates. The first wast Just North East of Mt. Shasta in the Spring time in I think 1986, we were hicking in the South West side of Mt. Shasta and we heard foot steps and when we looked back we saw nothing, we said to each other is someone following us. We started getting scared because everytime we stoped the footsteps did. I told my friend to Run to a tree about 20 yards the the South and I would Look to see if I say anything. When he did I say something Dark brow, to Black ape like, I yelled to my freind and he saw what I did and we ran till we entered the city streets in Mt. Shasta, but of course we were about 1/2 mile from there. The 2nd time I and my friend were fishing at the stream where water enters the big lake next to the dam. You have to make a right a few miles prior to dam and the road will go down a steap hill and then turns into dirt, this raod goes around the back side of the lak to the stream where they dump fish in each year. Most vehickles cant cross the stream, well if you go up the stream about, Humm a mile We both came upon a think wwe felt was bigfoot, it was eating Fish. It did not notice us at first, but as we came closer to it we heard off to our left a load scream yell noise, after hearing this we felt again something watching us and of course the thing in front of us was looking around and noticed us. It started to walk away and at the same time we heard another scream, and we then ran. I can’t get more details then this, it was long ago and I was young and dumb. I know now and understand what I saw. I know the diffrents about bears and other animals, heck they were around us alot, since we went fishing all the time. We knew what a bear was. I noticed the story you researched and put on this site and I just thought how right you are. Best of luck.. I dont wish to be published but I gave you my information so you know I’m being truthful. God bless you.

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