Just the Facts, Please

From Linda Jo Martin, Editor, Happy Camp News:

I notice a lot of misinformation exists about Tom Biscardi’s videostreaming project. I can understand how frustrating it must be to deal with such misunderstandings, and Tom is way too busy right now to pay them any attention whatsoever.

So I’ll reply:

At the Strange Happenings weblog Tom’s project is compared to Jill Miller’s Waiting For Bigfoot – and it is stated that “Tom Biscardi is planning on doing the same thing ” … well … it is NOT the same thing at all. And I can testify that Tom had no knowledge of the Waiting For Bigfoot project until only a few days before he arrived here in Happy Camp to launch his videostreamed expedition.

I’ll explain the differences. First of all, Jill’s project is conceived of as an art project. She has never seen Bigfoot, and has no experience researching Bigfoot. While I admire her project, it appears to be just a web cam picturing her campsite. That’s fine – and I don’t wish to detract from her art project which I find to be a very cool thing indeed. However Tom’s project is focused on a known Bigfoot habitat. He didn’t go to a random campsite hoping one might wander in by chance. He’s got his cameras focused on a spot where Bigfoot is known to have been in the very recent past on several occasions. MUCH DIFFERENT.

Tom Biscardi also has thirty-two years experience researching Bigfoot world-wide. He’s seen Bigfoot five times. This man is an expert and knows what he’s doing, what’s credible, and what isn’t. He doesn’t waste time on going to areas where Bigfoot has been spotted years in the past, hoping it might show up again. He only investigates the most recent sightings and hot on the trail, he collects evidence such as footprints, photos of bedding, scat and hair samples. So far as I know Jill Miller’s art project is not like this at all.

And the reason I know Tom wasn’t aware of Jill’s project until a few days ago — is because I told him about it myself. I was on the phone with him late one night right before he arrived back here on Aug. 4 – and I asked him if he’d seen Jill’s site and what he thought of it. He didn’t know what I was talking about and I had to give him the URL and we discussed it then. While he had nothing bad to say about her project we agreed that although there was a similarity as cameras were involved, it simply isn’t the same thing.

I won’t go into the equipment differences but will say Tom’s project is original, comprehensive, and illuminating. He introduces our town, Happy Camp, shows where recent sightings took place, and gives a broader picture of Northern California. He’s already videostreamed an investigation in another Northern California location, and since I know some of what’s planned for the next few days I can say it is going to be exciting and eye-opening. We’re talking about action and adventure, scientific information, and more. He’s not in our area right now but will be coming back.

I guess you could say that’s one more difference with our project. It isn’t stationary – focused on one campsite. We have two surveillance cameras on the local site – but also the project’s camera 3 is of filming being done in various locations not only here in Northern CA – but soon to be on location out of state at an undisclosed location as well. I will be watching the new footage along with everyone else who’s registered – with the same anticipation.

Well, I have lots of work to do today. Tara is arranging for a Great American Bigfoot Research Organization booth at the Bigfoot Jamboree this year – and we’ll also probably be in the local parade. This will be on Labor Day Weekend – just a few days from now. If you can make it – we would love to meet you so look for our booth in River Park.


Bigfoot Research – Tom Biscardi

I’ve been busy writing for Happy Camp News where there’s two more Bigfoot-related articles on the front page and a letter to the editor (soon to be one more) and my editorial about why Bigfoot research is happening in Happy Camp.

I love controversy – so I appreciate the two letters to the editor that have been sent to me so far this week.

Tom Biscardi and his team should be back soon – they’re busy with last-minute preparations for the video streaming and filming that will be done in our area, and they expect to be here some time next week.

On the 13th he was here checking out two Bigfoot sightings sites he’s chosen for the video-streaming. I got to see one of them. There’s a picture of what may be Bigfoot bedding materials on the front of Happy Camp News now.

On the 14th Tom was on the Coast to Coast AM talk radio show – where he told the world that they plan to capture soon.

I wrote my editorial yesterday. It’s about time I gave my opinion. I tried to take part in Loren Coleman’s mailing list but my last posting there was “not approved”. There’s a group of guys on that list grumping about and complaining about Tom Biscardi. They’ve never met Tom, as I have, but they’re quick to try to paint him as a scam artist.

Listen people – I’ll tell you the truth. I’ve been with Tom while he was investigating sightings around here and he doesn’t come off as anything but a very sincere truth-seeker who’s also interested in making a lot of money with his promotion skills. Yes, Tom is a music promoter, heavily into the entertainment industry. However he is very honest with his Bigfoot research. He will promote it and try to make money to pay all the people who have helped him, the investors, etc, but his main interest is in finding the evidence to prove to the world that Bigfoot exists.

So give him a break. I’ve asked for evidence that he’s pulling a hoax and nobody has it – but there’s still complainers even among the so-called intellectuals in Bigfoot research. It is just disrespectful, ungracious, and undignified.

So far the only “evidence” I’ve been given about a hoax is a few old newspaper articles saying someone Biscardi used to know was accused of something. Now that proves nothing. I’m in the news business and I know for fact that newspapers get the story wrong OFTEN – and I can see why because of limited research time and the fast turnaround time necessary to fill a newspaper day after day or week after week. So a news story is not convincing to me. I want real proof, or less grumbling.

I have a feeling that some long-time researchers are a tad bit jealous of Biscardi’s success – not only his success in finding sighting reports and tracking them – but also his success in promoting himself and the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization. I can understand that. But don’t lose your dignity over it!

In time I expect Tom Biscardi will bring in a Bigfoot. It might not be within two weeks as he claimed on Coast to Coast AM. That was a rough estimate on the spur of the moment. But this is what I really expect – that he will keep at it and keep ferreting the creatures out until he is able to capture one for science. Either that, or he could die trying and I surely hope that doesn’t happen!

P.S. Here’s the text of the email that Loren Coleman didn’t approve for his mailing list – obstensibly because I failed to put “Happy Camp, California” under my name at the end though I’d announced in an earlier posting that I am editor of Happy Camp News.

First, here’s the refusal notice from Yahoo:


Your message to the Bigfoot group was not approved. The owner of the group controls the content posted to it and has the right to approve or reject messages accordingly.

In this case, your message was automatically rejected because the moderator didn’t approve it within 14 days. We do this to provide a high quality of service for our users.

A complete copy of your message has been attached for your convenience.

Thank you for choosing Yahoo! Groups


Yahoo! Groups Customer Care

And now, my unapproved email:

There’s two sides to every story. The way I heard it from Tom was that their research was genuine but they (he and Ivan Marx) were taken advantage of and products of their research were stolen and used without their permission. In other words they felt they got burned and it caused some heartache and bad feelings.

So if you have proof that the films were a hoax, what is it? I saw the first film and it didn’t look at all faked. The three films are for sale on his website, http://www.greatamericanbigfoot.com .

I think if I put a lot of effort into researching Bigfoot in the field, put my life on the line, and devoted a lot of my time to it – if then the work I’d done was discounted in the way you describe, (see Loren Coleman’s post) … if all that happened to me, I’d be a bit put out and defensive too.

Tom Biscardi took a few years off after getting burned and called such things as “a well-known bluffer”. But now he’s back and ready to finish what he started, this time with better backup. He’s very serious about capturing Bigfoot just as are many others, but he’s set up with financial and organizational backing, and ready to do it now.

Now on a personal note, I’ve met him and he’s not a bad guy. He’s likable and he’s got ethics. He doesn’t say something is evidence of Bigfoot when it’s not, but at the same time he knows real Bigfoot evidence when he sees it.

I don’t mean this as any criticism of you, Mr. Coleman. I heard you on Coast to Coast AM too and the main reasons I emailed Tom Biscardi instead were that he specializes only in Bigfoot research (whereas you have wider interests) and because he had a sighting here in Northern California in April – and that was his fifth sighting. I wanted someone who could come in here and verify for the community that the Bigfoot sightings here are valid. He’s done that, and found other evidence of which I have no direct knowledge that interested him in coming back here to attempt a capture.


I’m posting this here so people will know that if it seems that they’re getting only one side of the story on the Bigfoot mailing list, the reason may be that there’s some censorship going on. Coleman has the right to do this because he is the group’s owner – but my feeling is that it interferes with a full investigation of the truth.

My earlier posting to that list stating clearly who I am and where I’m from:

From: Klamath Design
Date: Wed Jun 29, 2005 5:02 am
Subject: Happy Camp Sighting June 25


I’m new to Bigfoot research and to your mailing list, however have been intrigued by Bigfoot reports and information for many years. My current interest is due to being editor of a small town news site, Happy Camp News. Our town is in the center of the Klamath National Forest, surrounded by three large wilderness areas: the Marble Mountain Wilderness, the Siskiyou Wilderness, and the Klamath Wilderness. We have lots of sightings here.

I just wrote an article about a new sighting and it is at this time posted on the front page of my news website: http://www.happycampnews.com

Thought you might like to have a look in case you didn’t get the information yet.

Linda Martin
Editor, Happy Camp News

Bigfoot Research Hazards

I’ve given this Bigfoot research and tracking a lot of thought in the last few months. I’ve mentioned it before and I want to say it again, this could be a very dangerous occupation.

I got a call from a man today who wants to capture a Bigfoot using a tranquillizer gun. I think that’s what needs to be done but I want to point out that if someone shoots a Bigfoot to tranquillize him – who’s to say that there’s not another Bigfoot nearby watching that wouldn’t proceed to attack and destroy?

This definitely isn’t something for only one person to attempt. I don’t think there’s much harm in tracking one, but to take it down is to risk the wrath of others.

I worry about all you attempting such things.

Good luck out there in the field. Be safe, and if you get one please release it back into the wild so it can reunite with its loved ones who will no doubt be missing it greatly.

Bigfoot Sighting Near Happy Camp

There was a new Bigfoot sighting this last weekend only a few miles outside Happy Camp, California, where I live. I am editor of Happy Camp News, an online news site. There’s a long article on the sighting there.

As you can imagine it’s been a hectic weekend. I saw the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization in town on Sunday at the Forest Lodge. Tom Biscardi showed me the location of the sighting and I was able to take pictures of the footprints and of the research team getting ready for a night of observation. I will be putting these photos on Happy Camp News and here within a few days. It may take about a week as I have quite a bit of unrelated work to do tomorrow.

For the scoop, see Happy Camp News:

Happy Camp News

Human or Not?

As you can imagine, ever since the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization came to our town people all over have been talking about it. Most feel compelled to give off that little laugh sound to let you know that they’re siding with reason and refusing to believe, for now… including that guy in the laundromat the other day who then proceeded to go ahead and tell me about his own sighting from years ago.

Yesterday I was at a Pet First-Aid Seminar and got onto the Bigfoot subject with the local veterinarian. I mentioned to him he might be called upon to administer aid if some poor Bigfoot gets injured in the course of an expedition.

He laughed, and said, “Then we’d have to ask if it is animal or human – in which case I wouldn’t be allowed to work on it.”

So true. It made me wonder if this tracking team has medical personnel on board. They didn’t say. I think having a doctor and/or veterinarian along would be a good precaution.

…not that I know any doctors or vets who would want to do this.