Sasquatch Research Conference in Bellingham

I’d love to be able to attend the Sasquatch Research Conference in Bellingham later this month but for now such a thing will be impossible. I read about it again tonight – this time in a new article about Bigfoot research: Desperately Seeking Sasquatch.

In another recent article about Bigfoot research a student reporter didn’t think much of the BFRO expedition techniques she saw.

I think the main difference between what Tom Biscardi and the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization are doing, and researchers like the ones mentioned in the articles above – the main difference – is that Biscardi and his team will go to the scene of a recent sighting 24/7. They are available every day, not just part time. They prefer to track recent sightings and this makes their chance of actually seeing a much better.

Plus… this team is well-equipped. I think the high-tech preparation is what will make an impressive difference with the results of this team’s expeditions. They are very professional and each team member is highly skilled and experienced. Not that other researchers don’t have a lot of experience in the woods, but are they prepared to do what it takes to bring a Bigfoot down long enough to get blood samples? Are they prepared to take the risks involved?

Bigfoot Research – Where to report in Northern California

Although the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization’s tracking team left town we’re not stopping our Bigfoot research. Anyone who has a Bigfoot sighting in the Klamath National Forest can come to Happy Camp to report it. JavaBobs Bigfoot Deli will be providing report forms. I will be doing interviews but will not release all my findings until the time is right.

Bigfoot Researchers Left Town Today

I have officially had way too much fun the last few days with these Bigfoot researchers from Shasta and Sonoma counties. They left today… and though I hope they come back, I would like it to be on a week when I’m not working to get a web design and SEO job done on a deadline only one week away.

I took a lot more pictures and want to add them to this page soon but it will have to be after my web job.

While the researchers were here I had a few ideas for things I could do on my own to find Bigfoot near here in case these people don’t come back. But I don’t want to do something stupid like go into the woods alone and unprepared. The biggest danger near here is marijuana farmers… as some locals say, the “Mexican Mafia”… they grow pot in the forest and coming across one of their farms in the woods is absolutely dangerous. Just a year ago a young man was reported missing right after a trip to a lake near here. His dog was found a few days later – with bullet wounds – but the young man and his vehicle have never been found.

Today at the laundromat after all the researchers left town I heard yet another convincing Bigfoot story from a local citizen. It’s amazing how many people have seen it – though they wouldn’t normally bother to say a word about it. Having the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization here with their name emblazoned on their vehicles helped tremendously to bring out the truth about Bigfoot sightings in the Klamath National Forest.

Happy Camp Welcomes the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization

A few weeks ago I had an inspiration to buy this URL, “” and two other Bigfoot URL’s including I never expected things to develop so quickly.

My vision for this site was to start studying Bigfoot, record sightings (especially local ones), and collect books and videos to share with others. I thought down the line somewhere I’d get some equipment to share with others wanting to explore the mountains where we live.

Well, let me tell you, we are surrounded by mountains and many miles of deeply forested land. This is the center of the Klamath National Forest. We’re in between the Marble Mountain Wilderness and the Siskiyou Wilderness. Very remote!

When I emailed Tom Biscardi of the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization a few weeks ago I never expected him to follow up, at least not so quickly, knowing he’d get lots of email after having a sighting and being on Coast to Coast AM. But what a great surprise it was when I got another email from him night before last saying he was driving up our way and would stop by and talk to us before driving on to Washington.

Thanks to my friends Bob and Vickie Schmalzbach, owners of Javabobs Bigfoot Deli in Happy Camp, we’re having a great visit now with a dedicated team of Bigfoot researchers from the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization. They rolled into town this morning after spending the night in Burney.

Tom Biscardi, team leader, arrived with Joan Brandt, Peggy Marx and Lee Hickman of Burney, as well as Rob Shorey and Tim McMillen. The meeting is being hosted at JavaBobs Bigfoot Deli. People are coming in to talk about their sightings or other sightings they’ve heard of. We’ve spent the day trying to track down information on recent sightings – one which has taken place in a nearby county within the last few days, and one by a man who lives here in Happy Camp which was supposedly less than a week ago.

Lee Hickman is an expert tracker and can follow a Bigfoot into the wild if he can get news of a sighting within two weeks. He was trained by his grandfather, Ivan Marx, pre-eminent Bigfoot researcher of the 50’s through the 90’s. We’re hoping to track down the leads we’re getting and have a hot spot to investigate within the next 24 hours.

Instrumental in helping make this happen is a local resident, C., who stopped by to tell us about a house she used to live in. She said there were caves and tunnels in the area and one bedroom of her house regularly shook because of something going on in the earth beneath the house.

She said one night there was a terrible smell outside and she and her son could hear something going around their house, then they saw a Bigfoot face at the window looking in at them. She told us some startling information about the tunnels that she’d heard from a Karuk tribal elder who has since passed away.

The house where this took place has been destroyed since then – it was on U.S. Forest Service land and she was forced to move out.

After C. was done talking to Tom Biscardi about her sighting she went home and the strangest thing happened. She rushed back to Javabobs to tell Tom that out of the blue the ex-husband of the Karuk tribal elder she’d mentioned earlier phoned her home. She said he’d never phoned there before and I took this as evidence of synchronicity as if a divine presence were leading this investigation to a deeper level. C. got his number and brought it down for Tom to follow up on as the Karuks, in whose ancestral territory we live, probably know more about the Bigfoot and their habitat than we do.

While she was there the second time C. said she thought Tom was there to investigate a very recent sighting by E., who was driving through the woods near here. We didn’t even know about it! I am amazed that when the door opens (meaning now that experienced researchers are in town) all kinds of exciting information is coming to the surface. It could only be the hand of God or what I like to call the Beneficent Forces of the Cosmos – that brings this information together so quickly by means of divine intervention and synchronicity.

Tonight we’re having another meeting. Tom will be showing us a few DVD’s at Javabobs. I cannot tell you how excited we are about having Tom and the rest of the research team in our town.

More photos:

Tom Biscardi, Joan Brandt, and Peggy Marx of the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization. Tom is interviewing Maria McCracken, owner of the New 49’ers Gold Prospecting Club about a sighting that a local prospector had on one of her mining claims several years back.

This Humvee, retired from Operation Desert Storm, got a lot of attention. There were people stopping by just to look at it.

More pictures to be posted later.