I see Bigfoot

Hello everyone,

You may have heard that there have been recent bigfoot sightings in the Happy Camp area of California. Well I can say to that end that there have indeed been sightings in this area. My reason being that I have been the one doing the seeing.

My name, as you may know, is Tara Hauki. I live on the edge of the town of Happy Camp and for the last two years I have been seeing, smelling, hearing, and sensing these creatures up above my yard on the hill behind my house.

I reported my findings to the Great American Bigfoot Research Team through my good friend and colleague, Linda Martin, and when the team showed up and substantiated my suspicions by explaining to me that I lived in a perfect Bigfoot habitat I realized that I may have something there after all. Then the weirdest thing happened. It showed up. I saw it with my own eyes.

I had just awakened at about four in the morning on July 13. I walked into the tiny living room of my single-wide mobil home and opened the noisy sliding glass door that opens to my beautiful acre sized yard full of beautiful, ripe blackberry bushes gently sloping their way down approximately 300 ft. to where they end at the edge of Indian Creek. The sky was dark. Either the moon was not, or had already passed over and I was startled suddenly by the large black creature that had been frightened by the sound of the door scraping open on the worn tracks.

It was large, huge. My first thought was, “My gosh that is a big bear”! Then my brain caught up with the heart in my throat and I said to myself, “That…is not a bear”.

The legs were too long. The arms were way too long and well, it was running on two, not four limbs. It was running very fast. It disappeared around the curve of the berry bushes and made much crashing noises as it ran through the berries to the creek. I was shocked to say the least. I was afraid, but more from apprehension of the unknown more than the fear of a threat. I knew I had been sensing them and here was the proof of my faith that this is exactly what it was. I say “it” and “them”‘ alot because I think there are more than one. Who knows, I sensed them and they are here so maybe my intuition is working for me.

I have much more to share on the other sightings and proofs I have gathered since this whole thing has started. I am writing a book about all of my great Bigfoot adventures. I will be submiting more articles with other exciting encounters as this continues. Stay tuned and write me with your great stories about Bigfoot. I am also very open to any opinions or theories you may have. Be writing again soon.


Tara Hauki, Bigfoot Seeker

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  1. Allan,

    Thank you for your story. The events you discribed are consistent with other reports of other peoples stories of bigfoot. No I don’t think that you are over reacting at all. I have heard their calls in my yard for the last two years during fruit season and they always have given me a chill.

    Did you hear the news? Tom Biscardi was on coast to coast radio last night with George Noory and he is saying they now have a male in captivity. You can go to the website and listen to the interview. These are extremely interesting times.

    keep in touch, and keep your eyes/ears open.


  2. Hi Tara,
    I have been interested in Sasquatch for some time since i was a kid and was surfing one day and sailed on in to your sight. I used to live in Northern CA (Sacramento) and spent many trips up on the North Coast camping and while I never ran across a Sasquatch I had an experience in a remote camp site that has puzzeled me to this day that I thought i would share with you. My 11 year old son and i were up on the coast near Orek, CA in a remote camp ground called GOLD BLUFFS state beach park and at about 3am we heard a loud scream that was quite in human in nature. It startled my son so bad he was trembling. He awoke me and said that he heard it, I was sound asleep in the tent and heard nothing until he awoke me, and while i was assuring him that he was having a bad dream we heard it again, closer. We also heard another cry off in the distance and at the point we hard a large animal or human run within my guesstimation perhaps ten yards of our tent. We heard the scream again bout 5 minutes later much farther off. We both were frightened and did not leave the tent, but apparently someone was alarmed and called the ranger whose truck drove by about 20 to thirty minutes later prompting me to exit the tent and flag him down. He assured me that the call I heard were roosevelt elk and there was nothing to be afraid of and that the heavy noise was probably a bear…he was saying this with a non reassuring look of concern on his face which instantly made me think that he was blowing smoke at me. I went back to the tent and reassured my son that the ranger was on top of things and told him what he told me.
    We awoke to the morning high tide and the loud surf around day break at 6:45 am and were surprised to see a few of our neighbors lined up along the camp access road looking at some thing. As we journeyed over to see what the object of their fascination was we noticed several foot prints in the sandy terrain around our camp site. They were barefooted and were approximately a size 14 or 16 as i am a size 10 and they seemed significantly larger than mine. At this time the ranger showed up and was examining the tracks which led up the access road to a large meadow and up the hill to a thick dense forest. He and I and some other campers followed the trail seeing some indentations and partial tracks which seemed to vanish with the terrain into the thicket where an obvious pathway had been made by a large animal.
    The ranger was at a loss for words, saying that he felt that it was probably a bear and the tracks were left over from a bearfooted hiker or some thing to that effect. My son and I also found some large tracks along the beach.
    While i have no conclusive proof of a bigfoot, what do you think? Am over reacting? I also think that the ranger knew more than he was putting on. Thanks for your time and I enjoy reading your site.

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