Sasquatch Research Conference in Bellingham

I’d love to be able to attend the Sasquatch Research Conference in Bellingham later this month but for now such a thing will be impossible. I read about it again tonight – this time in a new article about Bigfoot research: Desperately Seeking Sasquatch.

In another recent article about Bigfoot research a student reporter didn’t think much of the BFRO expedition techniques she saw.

I think the main difference between what Tom Biscardi and the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization are doing, and researchers like the ones mentioned in the articles above – the main difference – is that Biscardi and his team will go to the scene of a recent sighting 24/7. They are available every day, not just part time. They prefer to track recent sightings and this makes their chance of actually seeing a much better.

Plus… this team is well-equipped. I think the high-tech preparation is what will make an impressive difference with the results of this team’s expeditions. They are very professional and each team member is highly skilled and experienced. Not that other researchers don’t have a lot of experience in the woods, but are they prepared to do what it takes to bring a Bigfoot down long enough to get blood samples? Are they prepared to take the risks involved?

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